ASTRA industries is a multi-industrial entity established in 1986 to develop commercial exchanges between Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and India. More than 35 years of experience whose more than 15 years in LED lights through ASTRALUX. 

ASTRALUX is the leading lighting company of EMEA region and has a global presence in 4 continents. French and now Indian, we have set up our head office and factory in Bangalore and Delhi in INDIA to deliver our customers all over the world.


ASTRALUX day to day growth is based on intensive Research & Development. In this spirit, we have created a revolutionary heat sink which is included in some of our products and which has 5 American and European patents. Indeed, the thermal behavior of a luminaire has a significant influence on the performance of the light source(s) and control gear/drivers it contains. Ours are manufactured to offer a perfect thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, strength, water resistance, and anti-corrosion properties. All outdoor products are manufactured to withstand harsh environments such as deserts, rainy or snowy countries.

In addition, our teams of engineers work tirelessly to develop new and very clever lights that are suitable for each client in each region of the world.


ASTRALUX is one of the first companies that massively invested in new technologies and is also the first lighting physical plant in Europe and Middle- East (MENA) to produce new generation LED lighting fittings.
We are precursor in innovative lighting technologies and were the first plant in the Middle-East to use numerical control machines in 1989.


A cutting-edge design defines ASTRALUX's signature. Our lights are suitable for all types of shops, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, offices, hotels, buildings, warehouses, petrol stations and streets.
To support our customers, we offer a community of lighting experts, architects and light designers with an exceptional service levels and technical approach. The client’s satisfaction is always the first goal.


To support us in this quest for quality, we surround ourselves with the best suppliers of electronic components such as BRIDGELUX - CREE - APAR cables - MOSO - MEANWELL… with whom we have a relationship of trust for many years. We also manufacture some of our drivers directly in our factories in order to control the overall quality process of our luminaires from start to finish. All our lights are certified ‘Make in India’ with in house: design - dialux studies service - goniometry - die casting - manufacturing plan - assembly and packing area. 

All these elements combined make possible ASTRALUX to offer the best value for money without ever compromising the quality.

All our lights are guaranteed for at least 5 years and do not require any maintenance. Plug and play, all our lights are delivered as complete fixture with trim, optic and driver.


The ASTRALUX team takes global warming very seriously and work very hard to reduce the impact of energy overconsumption. It is therefore quite natural that ASTRALUX joined the EKNITI group which makes possible to 'decarbonize' all the sites targeted by offering them only the most efficient and innovative solutions on the market: ACCENTA optimization platform, PRAVAIG battery solutions, CRYOGEL new generation of air conditioning, OSMOS structural data solutions and ASTRALUX LED lighting allow us to significantly lower energy consumption and considerably reduce CO2 production.

To complete our turnkey offer and to prove our performance guarantee on the customer's energy bill, in some cases we could offer the Energy Service for Company (ESCO) financing method for large-scale projects.

Made In India

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